Dadmissions: So You’re Turning 8

A note to my daughter Alicia as she turns 8 (born March 15th)

So you’re turning 8 and there’s no question that’s really fine
Because there are so many things at 8, you won’t ever see at nine

A creeping spider has 8 legs and a swimming octopus has 8 too
They’re all scary, ugly, and pretty yuk, and filled with inky goo

Christmas has 8 maids a milking, and Hannukah 8 crazy nights
Adam Sandler’s song will tell you who’s marking the Festival of Lights

Octagons have eight sides just like the red stop sign on your drives
The day YOU get your car keys is the day I break out in hives

Movies with 8 include “8-millimeter” “8-seconds” and “8-mile”
The 8th tooth is the wisdom tooth- think about THAT when you smile

Skaters do a figure-8 as they hit the ice in a jump, skip, and glide
“Infinity” is the figure-8 if you turn that big number on its side

There are 8 vegetables in V8 juice- 8 too many if you ask me
You love all that healthy stuff, it’s just a big, smelly, vege smoothie

“8-tracks” were music-playing things long before IPods were created
They went the way of the VHS, tapes, and everything else outdated

It was “8 days a week” that Beatles audiences begged to hear
But as Paul and John sang, 8 days is not enough to show you I care

The magic 8-ball reveals life’s fortune without you needing to guess
Will you be successful, powerful, and nurturing: the signs point to yes

So enjoy your 8th birthday and may all your wishes come true.
You’re only 8 once- happy birthday from daddy you-know-who


About dadmissions

author of Dadmissions. surrounded by a wife and two girls... and a dog named Cupcake
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