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I was shooting hoops on the old rim at the end of my street when I heard the sirens wailing in the distance after what must have been a horrific accident. I kept playing but I kept hearing those sirens in the distance. My neighbor eventually came outside to grab me. “There’s been an accident,” she said. “You and your mom need to go to the hospital”. The sirens I heard in the distance were for my father. He was the one who had been in a car crash just a few blocks from our house. My mother and I drove down the street. South Main Street in Sharon, MA was blocked off by police. We couldn’t see what was in the distance which was a big rig and a car tangled in a horrifying head-on collision on the main intersection in that small town. We snaked our way on side streets to get to the hospital. They were waiting for us. A counselor at the hospital brought my mom, my sister and I into a private room and broke the news. My father died that day.

It was March 15th 1990. It was a day that would change my life forever.

The date would sit in the back of my mind over the years. I graduated high school, went to college, met my wife Gloria, got my first job out of school. The years passed. The calendar pages flipped. We moved to California. We were expecting our first child. There was so much to do as a young couple with a baby on the way.

When our first child was due, Gloria and I packed our bags for the hospital. She had been having contractions. We knew it wouldn’t be long now. All the baby furniture was prepped. All the diapers were bought. We didn’t know if the baby would be a boy or a girl but we didn’t care as long as it was a healthy baby. Gloria got in her hospital clothes and we waited. And we waited. And the baby kept stalling. And we waited some more. This went on in the hospital for more than 24 hours and the doctor finally said we’d need to do a c-section to push her along. I got in my hospital scrubs. They gave Gloria the anesthetics and they prepared to deliver our baby. The cut was made in just minutes, the baby was pulled out, we all held our breath waiting to hear a cry… And we did. It was a beautiful baby girl.

It was March 15th 2005. It was a day that would change my life forever.

Yes, fifteen years exactly after I sat as a young teenager in Norwood hospital in Massachusetts and got the news that my father had died, I sat in Good Samaritan hospital in Los Angeles as a young adult and watched the birth of my first daughter. I don’t take much stock in the significance of dates but this one is hard to ignore. What does it mean? I don’t know. Maybe nothing at all. Or maybe, it’s a sign that for every dose of bad news that life has to offer, a dose of good news just is waiting to be born.


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  1. Really excellent. I added a little more flavor – like the Ides of March – in my repost.

    Love you, Proudest Older Sister Ever Team Toby –

    Dedicated to raising awareness of and funds for pulmonary fibrosis in memory of Toby Neipris Wilgoren


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