Dadmissions: The Entrepreneur

My daughter has such a good heart. A really good heart. Sometimes too good. She’s been carrying around a container for Leukemia research for two weeks. Every spare penny, dime, and quarter has been going in that little container. It is barely liftable and is bursting at the seams. 7 year old Alicia is so proud, “I have 30 dollars in there” or something close to that. And yes, I am beaming for that little kid who is so determined to collect money and do something good for others.

It sometimes seems like the kids always have more money squirreled away than mom and dad do. At some point last Thursday, the day before payday, I asked Alicia if I could borrow 20 dollars from her collection container and I would pay her back 25. It seemed like a good deal. I’d pay her interest, she’d continue doing good, and she’d get an extra 5 bucks for all of it. It was all good. For days it was all good. Our deal seemed solid. And then I got the call at work from the wife. “Did you borrow 20 dollars from Alicia?” I knew I was in trouble but I didn’t know why yet so I answered carefully and honestly. “Yes I did borrow the money but she said I could, and I’m paying her back 25” so it’s all good I said. Well, not so fast. And then the story of the 20 bucks unraveled.

The wife tells me the 20 bucks wasn’t really Alicia’s. The 20 bucks came from her friend Amanda. Now, I was all confused. Apparently Alicia decided to become an entrepreneur in her spare time to raise MORE money for leukemia research. So she SOLD a couple of things to her friend. One of the things she sold, a package of cute, heart facial tissues. Usual price for those cute, heart facial tissues at a CVS or Walgreens is probably 99 cents and not a cent more. How much did my gal mark up the price? She SOLD them to her friend for 20 bucks. 20 bucks! The 20 bucks I borrowed! That’s nothing to sneeze at. On one hand, she convinced her friend to pay 20 bucks for a glorified box of Kleenex. On the other hand, she was totally price gouging and should get a spot in any boardroom in corporate America. So she and mom had a talk. And I heard all about it. But it’s hard to get angry at a girl who had her heart in the right place. It’s impossible in fact.

Now comes the solution. Today Alicia is repaying the 20 bucks to her friend Amanda. Which means really I am repaying the 20 bucks to her friend Amanda. And that means I still owe Alicia the 20 bucks I borrowed plus the 5 bucks interest for borrowing the 20 bucks from Alicia which really wasn’t Alicia’s 20 bucks to begin with.

Total cost to me: 45 bucks.


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author of Dadmissions. surrounded by a wife and two girls... and a dog named Cupcake
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