Dadmissions: Pop Culture Things I May Have A Hard Time Explaining To My Kids One Day (part one)

Pop Culture things I might have a tough time explaining to the kids one day:

Why you should never driver around with dead Aunt Edna strapped to your roof

Why it’s wrong to pretend being Abe Froman the sausage king of Chicago just to get seated in a restaurant

Why nobody puts Baby in a corner but clearly she was seated in a corner when somebody put her there

Why Aerosmith ever sang Dude Looks Like a Lady and it was a hit

Why mom always said “don’t play ball in the house” especially when crazy glue just can’t put a vase back together apparently

Why you should never drive around with your boss Bernie for the weekend when it is clear that he is dead

Why Jack Tripper really liked girls but pretended to like boys but really liked girls more

Why people would scream “No Whammy. No Whammy. Stop!”
And then always hit the Whammy.

Why the Family Feud host always and pervertedly kissed women on the lips

Why Baywatch had nothing to do with viewers ever having their eyes glued to the bays

Why it’s bad when a crazed drug lord yells “Say hello to my little friend” and why it has nothing to do with an actual friend who’s little

Why people say “I’d like to solve the puzzle” when they’re not prepared to actually solve the puzzle and have very little grasp of what the puzzle solution really is

Why a Newlywed Game contestant would EVER say “In the butt Bob” when asked about the strangest place they ever made whoopie

Why the maker of Cabbage Patch Kids felt the need to sign all their bums- weird

Why all the kids met for detention in The Breakfast Club but they never had breakfast at all, only lunch, and in the case of the wrestler a very full and satisfying meal

Why the maker of the Rubik’s cube stumped an entire generation except for 0.0001% of the population who figured it out.

Why it’s funny when a grown comedian steals a marble rye from a woman on a New York street and runs downfield like a football player

Why PacMan was content to eat a diet of pellets each day but really seemed to enjoy the rare case when he’d gobble up bouncing fruit

Why Trapper Keepers looked cool but never really did a good job of trapping or keeping anything


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author of Dadmissions. surrounded by a wife and two girls... and a dog named Cupcake
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