Dadmissions on Lids

Dadmissions on Lids:

An open letter to the plastic lid container cover makers association:

Dear PLCCMA if that’s what I should refer to you as, first of all, I must say “well played.” You have designed a system of random containers and almost-fit lids that drive parents around the world to the edge of insanity every time we try to make a lunch for our kids, every time we try to put away leftovers, every time we just need a quick storage container. There are round ones, square ones, short ones, tall ones, big ones, little ones, double-decker sandwich snack combo ones, triple-section salad and dressing combo ones. And yes, there are specific, individual, and unforgivingly inflexible lids for each. They might be the right dimensions, ooh so close, but the corners might be slightly curved or slightly squared, English versus Metric, locking versus unlocking, sealable versus resealable. I challenge you, PLCCMA to come to my house and navigate your way through the lid drawer and find three matches within thirty seconds. I’ll put a stopwatch to it and see if you can do it and give you great prizes like a game show if you can. And that’s on a good day. That’s on a day when the lids have come right out of the dishwasher and are stacked all neatly, lids on one side and containers on the other. Just wait’ll you try a day when they’re not stacked neatly. And just wait’ll the day you pre-pack the bottom of the container without thoroughly searching for the matching lid to begin with. Over the years, we have purchased so many different containers and different lids mostly because every once in a while we need a fresh start. It’s worth buying a new set of containers just so you are guaranteed matching lids for the first few days until the matching lids go missing forever like the mismatched and missing socks which have plagued families throughout the centuries. So continue on PLCCMA. I congratulate you on a job well done.


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