Dadmissions: Her 5th Birthday

A letter to my daughter Andreya on her fifth birthday:

Andreya, I can’t believe you are turning five. It’s a big year in your young life as you cross from preschool to kindergarten, from a little girl to a girl. There are so many things represented by the number 5. There are five fingers on a hand and five toes on a foot, and we counted each of yours the first time we laid eyes on you. There’s the Jackson 5, Ben Folds 5, and Maroon 5. There’s Mambo #5 and “I can’t drive 55”, that’s two 5’s and you can’t do either. There’s Abraham Lincoln on the five dollar bill and the Pentagon with five sides. There’s five books in the Torah, and five pillars of Islam, and five golden rings in the days of Christmas. There’s five Olympic rings too. There’s the 5 stages of grief, all things that I’ll likely face one day when you go off and get hitched. And there’s the 5-finger discount which I better never hear about you getting. There’s five sides on a starfish and five sides on most stars that you draw and a 5-star rating is always considered the very best. So on this birthday I hope you reach for the stars. Happy birthday #5. How about a high-5 and now let’s have some cake! Find me on Facebook at Dadmissions The Book


About dadmissions

author of Dadmissions. surrounded by a wife and two girls... and a dog named Cupcake
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