Dadmissions: My Phone Call With Dame Elizabeth

You never know who’s going to be on the other end when you pick up the phone. I’m a news guy by trade when I’m not trading parenting war stories. One day at CBS in Los Angeles I picked up the line when I was told a viewer had a question about a story we ran. The guy said he worked with Elizabeth Taylor. My BS meter was teetering in the red already. Yeh buddy, and I’m the pope. You meet all kinds in the newsroom but I had never gotten this one before so I probed further. He said she had seen a story we did on horses which needed to be rescued and she wanted information. My BS meter was off the chart. We did do a story on horses but this dude can not be serious. C’mon now. I could hear conversations in the background and then he said, “hold on my boss would like to speak with you”. All of a sudden an older woman with a fragile voice got on the phone and said, “Hello”. And there she was. Dame Elizabeth was speaking with news guy Dadmissions. She got on the phone and her voice was weaker than in her prime but she was totally with it. She asked me about the story we had done on horses. She asked how she could help anonymously. I told her I was surprised she watched our news. She told me it came on after Doctor Phil in the afternoon and she and the staff all liked to watch Doctor Phil as well. Now, I’m grinning ear to ear. People in the newsroom are watching me wondering why I am silently freaking out in my seat. My news director sat next to me and tried to listen in as I scribbled things we were talking about on a note pad. Yes on one random afternoon, Dame Elizabeth and I talked about horses, current events, and Doctor Phil. We agreed that I would get back with her assistant Tim with details on the horses. And I did. Over the next couple of days I had several more conversations calling the private number where the staff would answer “House Of Taylor how may I help you”. And somewhere, some horses which were headed to slaughter got help from a very unlikely place. It’s become a bit of newsroom legend for the folks who’ve heard about it. Some say it didn’t happen. Others were there when it did. It all came back to me when I saw all the promotion this week for the new Lifetime movie on Liz Taylor starring Lindsay Lohan which airs this weekend. I fondly remember the phone call with Dame Taylor and still have a picture on the wall of my office that someone gave me afterwards as a reminder of that very cool newsroom moment. You never know who’s gonna be on the other end of the telephone.


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