Dadmissions: The Thanksgiving Drive

When I was a kid, my family never really traveled for Thanksgiving. But the one drive my mom and I would make was Thanksgiving morning when we would drive and drive looking for an open Dunkin Donuts to share a morning cup of coffee. We lived in Sharon, Ma. And while there were many Dunkins, most were still closed on Thanksgiving back then. Sometimes my mom and I would luck out in Norwood. Sometimes Walpole. One year we drove all the way to South Attleboro and almost the Rhode Island border where we finally found an open Dunkin. All the time we had that great conversation in the car about the past year and the holidays. And all the time we had that bond over that cup of coffee. Times have changed over the years. I’m all grown up now with kids of my own. And those coffee shops are ALWAYS open. I’m happy my local Starbucks is open today and Christmas and New Years. I love my morning cup of coffee on the holiday. But I still remember that morning drive on Thanksgiving and that search for the perfect cup of coffee. Wherever the drive takes YOU today, have a great Thanksgiving! Your friend at Dadmissions.


About dadmissions

author of Dadmissions. surrounded by a wife and two girls... and a dog named Cupcake
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