Dadmissions Dear Gabby


An open letter to Gabby Douglas:

Gabby, congratulations on the huge gold medal win and all the much-deserved praise on your Olympics victory.  You are truly America’s new golden child and with good reason.  Now, please don’t screw it up. My girls are young, 7 and 4.  And they need a few more good role models like you.  Mom and dad can only carry the torch so far.  You may not have signed up for it, but like it or not, you are now someone young girls all across America are aspiring to be like.  This is way bigger than American Idol.  I’m not talking about the ability to dress in provocative clothes while belting out a tune and winning a popularity contest with phone votes and judges’ scores.  I’m talking about the determination and dedication, to put your mind to a task, to train hard to achieve that level of success, and then to climb the mountain.  We’ve seen it many times before where people climb that mountain and then come crashing back down to earth.  I’m tired of the rehabbing actors in the news.  I’m tired of the performance enhancing athletes in the news.  I’m tired of the phony, 15-minutes-of fame, reality-show seeking, attention-seeking, camera-seeking, fame-seeking, talentless pool of role models that society now has to choose from.  You’ve won the gold medal.  Now, you’re really carrying the torch.  This is your chance to really shine.

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